Biggest Employers in Seattle

Top Employers in Seattle

Seattle is a big city where a number of large corporations operate, including some of Fortune 500 companies that are based in or around it. Due to healthy employment market in the area more and more people decide to move to the Emerald City increasing the demand for the city real estate which is considered one of the hottest markets in the U.S. this year.

So let's have a closer look at the biggest employers operating in the Seattle area today. The Fortune 500 companies are not the only ones that deserve mentioning. While such reliable companies like Washington Mutual and Seattle P-I that used to be an important part of the community have gone others have popped up out of nowhere (Microsoft and Starbucks emerged 20 years ago). And the largest Seattle companies whose names are known worldwide are:

Boeing Employees

Boeing – About 80,000 Employees

Even though Boeing is currently laying off many workers it is still the biggest private company in the state, providing employment for about 80,000 employees in the Seattle area (and over 165,000 worldwide). While today aerospace is not the only leading industry actively developing in Seattle Boeing still plays a key role in shaping the city’s economic climate. Although a job in Boeing is unlikely to last for a lifetime anymore, it’s still the largest employer in the city providing good benefits and compensation.

Joint Base Lewis-McChord

Joint Base Lewis-McChord - About 56,000 Employees

With JBLM situated near Seattle the city area has a strong military presence. The base provides secure employment and great benefits to 45,000 military and civilian employees, so today it is an important part of the local employment scene.

Microsoft Seattle Office

Microsoft – About 42,000 Employees

Initially based in New Mexico, the company was later moved to Seattle causing the great Seattle tech boom that still shows no signs of slackening. Microsoft was, remains and will continue to play a central role in shaping economic and political environment in the Seattle, until consumers cease buying computers (which is unlikely to happen soon).

University of Washington in Seattle

University of Washington – About 25,000 Employees

The largest campus of the University of Washington is located in Seattle and two smaller ones are in Bothell and Tacoma, so the university is one of the top employers in Washington. It is also a major research center established due to the efforts of senators Scoop Jackson and Warren Magnuson, who secured substantial financial support from the government to this educational institution in the ‘60s and ‘70s. Now the university is highly rated as one of the best value undergraduate schools in the USA, particularly medical, law and business ones, and even boasts some Nobel Prize winners.

Amazon Delivery

Amazon – About 25,000 Employees

The company’s contribution to the promoting of online shopping in America is really huge. No other online store did more to prove that making purchases via Internet can be affordable, fast and safe. Based in Seattle Amazon has been operating for years and withstood the recent slack in retail business. As the company expanded new buildings has been added in South Lake Union, making Amazon the leading private employer in town. In addition, Amazon operates several shipping centers in the Seattle-Tacoma area providing jobs to residents of such cities as Renton and Dupont.

Providence Health and Service

Providence Health & Services - About 20,000 Employees

Ranked the third among nonprofit health organizations in the country Providence boasts a number of locations in states of Alaska, California, Montana, Oregon and Washington. When it comes to the Seattle area Providence features Swedish Medical Center located in the city, Providence Regional Medical Center in Everett, and a large office campus in Renton, south of Seattle.


Walmart - About 20,000 Employees

Walmart is a large employer in many regions of the country and the Seattle area is no exception. The popular national retailer has supercenters and numerous locations in Renton, Bellevue, Tacoma, Everett, Federal Way and some other towns in the region.

Fred Meyer Seattle

Fred Meyer – About 15,000 Employees

Headquartered in Portland, Fred Meyer is a popular grocery chain in Northwest, with multiple locations in Oregon, Idaho, Washington and Alaska. Fred Meyer offers mostly jobs in the retail sector.

King County Government - About 13,000 Employees

The scope of jobs provided by King County government is really varied, ranging from desk clerks, nurses and librarians to engineers, budget analysts and elected officials. So it is a great place to work for both experts in the specific field and workers of broad expertise.


Weyerhaueser – About 10,000 Employees

With its headquarters located in the downtown of Seattle Weyerhaueser remains a key player in logging and wood processing industry of the region. Since wood is available as resource and people need furniture and other things made of wood, this time-tested local company is no doubt a dependable employer to count on.