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Seattle's Top 11 Places to Work

Seattle's Top Places to Work

The scores have been settled and after sneaking into several Seattle offices where working is actually a breeze, we have found the top 11 places one would want to work. Employees from over 82 Seattle business were asked what was so amazing about their workplaces and they answered! From unlimited time off to nap rooms and everything in between who wouldn't want to work for one of these Seattle based businesses. Not to mention the in-office bars, subsidized CrossFit gyms, doggie daycare, and company retreats, it is truly a no brainer as to why someone would want to work in Seattle.

#11 Simply Measured's Nerf Arsenal - Social Analytics Firm

Beltown's Simply Measured company breaks the scary first day stereotype! Upon arrival one will receive their key card and then be shipped off to find their desk and meet their coworkers. Once acquainted it will be time to begin a little bit of actual work that will most likely consist of compiling data numbers from LinkedIn, Facebook, Vine, Google Plus, and much much more into specialized reports. Then it will be time to select your weapon! Each weapon is a foam missile shooting gun, and no employee will be caught without one in the weekly company Nerf War. All artillery and ammo is held in the company's break room. However, ammo is quite hard to come by because workers are constantly hoarding darts to prepare for the next battle. These analysts do not mess around! Not to mention, the company prides itself on word of mouth referrals with an employee policy that states for every referral brought to the company one will receive a bonus and a budget to purchase more toy guns/accessories for the office. Just picture shooting your Nerf machine gun from a top a Ninja Turtle scooter cruising through the office floorplan.
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#10 Facebook's Offline Hangout - Social Network

Although many blame Facebook for robbing us of real life socialization, this is anything but the case at the facebook offices. They hang out in real life - in hot tubs. Ball pit filled hot tubs to be exact. The South Lake Union office in Seattle has a customary rite of passage ritual for interns to jump inside the tub named' Bubble Bobble' for their first photo opportunity. Employees are also encouraged to chill out on a couch once owned by Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg or are invited to take a nap in one of the many sleeping pods. Facebook is all about improving office culture and the latest proposal includes balloon deliveries on every employee's anniversary. Plus, you can never get in trouble for having Facebook open on your computer!
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#9's Pampered Office Pets - Pet Care Website

Everyone loves an office dog but how about being surrounded by twelve office dogs?! Sounds like heaven, right? Well at things are dogcentric. is a site that matches dog owners with dog walkers and boarders. Not to mention, the Seattle Beltown office welcomes over a dozen dogs daily. Employees are encouraged to become dog walkers and/ or sitters themselves and will earn comp time for doing so. Additional bonuses are handed out to employees who adopt or foster dogs in need as well. The company also allows three days of bereavement when a furry friend passes. is an extremely thoughtful company.
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#8 Cupcake Royale's Freebie Giveaway - Bakery

Who doesn't love cupcakes and freebies? At Cupcake Royale employees are allowed to give away one free cup of coffee, a cupcake, or scoop of ice cream to anyone they would like every single day that they work. Each employee is happy to reward a hard worker, regular, or even just a customer who is simply having a tough day with a free goodie. The company also hosts'random acts of cupcakes' days where they will drop of a dozen cupcakes to their local fire station, pre school, or hostel. Plus, at the end of each and every day the cupcake chain takes all of their leftovers to local food banks and homeless shelters. And obviously, employees get to enjoy a daily freebie for themselves if they do so desire as they are constantly releasing new flavors of cupcakes and ice cream samples daily. The Cupcake Royale company encourages employee contribution of new flavor ideas, t-shirt designs, and philanthropy partners.
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#7 Tavon Center's Herb Garden Plan - Day Center For Young Adults

The Tavon Center is a 5 acre adult day center located in Issaquah. The goal of the Tavon Center is to launch a CSA program 9 run by young disabled people who are looked after by the center. Tavon has already acquired 70 clients and grown large quantities of tomatoes, basil, and lettuce in the center's greenhouses. Each disabled employee is involved in helping during every step of the farming and packaging process. This local grown program will soon be accessible to residents in the area who subscribe to the CSA program.
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#6 Conenza's Montana Trip - Community Platform Designer

Regardless of your status at Conenza, if you are an employee at the Community Platform Designer you will be invited each and every year to the company trip - a private luxury getaway in Montana. The High Meadow Mountain Ranch located within the Lolo National forest in Montana is five hundred acres of the stuff only dreams are made of. The giant stone lodge holds an indoor sporting court, pool, and round of weekend competitions including bbq cookoffs and Flip Cup tournaments. Cosnenza's is best known for its software creations that have aided several corporations with their internal communication.
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#5 Embryology Lab at Pacific Northwest Fertility - Fertility Clinic

At the First Hill offices patients are encouraged to watch their embryo's fertilization process through an interior window of the Embryology Lab. The labs success rate is as high as ninety five percent in utilization with donor eggs. Pacific Northwest Fertility is currently practicing IVF, Egg Preservation, and Sperm freezing. Employees love the fact that PNW Fertility not only practices transparency with its patients but with its staff as well. Employees at PNW Fertility feel comfortable to engage in deep conversation with patients concerns about menstrual cycles, fertility, and their sex lives.
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#4 Brown Paper Tickets - Ticketing Service

Brown Paper Tickets has a mind blowing paid-time-off package that any employee would appreciate. Imagine - 6 weeks of leave - all paid for and these benefits are included for brand spanking new hires as well. Plus, any unused time gets rolled over into the following year and so on, so forth. And if any employee isn't sure of what to do or where to go, the Brown Paper Tickets company rents a New York City apartment available for any employee to book for free at any time. Additionally, as if these benefits alone were not enough, the company also grants any staffer one additional paid week of time off to participate in any community activity or charity of their desire. The company's philanthropic corporate model is taken very seriously. Brown Paper Tickets takes pride in offering its services to several fund raisers and non profit organizations at no cost each year.
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#3 Ivy Softwork's Indoor Swings - Software Studio

Employees find the 'Swingerators' hard to resist. They are the first thing to greet any employee or visitor in the lobby and they are the last thing to wave goodbye to you as you go. The 'Swingerators', large recycled bleacher seats that hang from the ceiling, were created to relieve employees of stress during crunch time. The employees described the company as honing in on a playful tree-house vibe. This small company plans to attract thirty more employees in the upcoming year with hopes of expansion.
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#2 Urbanspoon's Rooftop Putting Green - Online Restaurant Guide

Every employee at Urbanspoon is welcome to enjoy a round of workday golf on the outdoor deck which overlooks Lake Union at Eastlake. The six hole putting green is located between the company's bocce court and gas grill truly convincing one that they are on vacation while at work. This however, is no easy task as the company grants unlimited paid time off in their benefits package. Not to mention, the company's conference rooms are fully equipped to handle a round of putt-putt getting out of hand as each room is lined with bulletproof windows. A silly side note - these rooms are all named after famous prisons.

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#1 Wunderman's Team Cram Sessions - Advertising Agency Talk about a team that bonds! At Wunderman, employees know no bounds and will go to great lengths to finish a project or finalize a presentation. One summer a team of project managers, strategists, and copywriters joined together to wow their main client REI by pulling an all nighter. Together the team hauled hammocks, and tents straight from the offices entryway to host a camp out in the office. The team utilized headlamps and sterno cans to cook food and survive, all while working on their newest pitch for REI - to redesign their current online user experience. The stunt created a seriously entertaining video which the team included in their pitch presentation. Not only was this stunt good for business, it was also a good bonding experience for the entire team. No one ever expects to wake up at work together. This story continues to build company morale daily.
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