#1 Woodland Park Zoo...
#5 Museum of History and Industry ...
#10 5th Avenue Theatre ...

Seattle's Top 10 Attractions & Activities

#1 Woodland Park Zoo

The Woodland Park Zoo is comprised of over sixty five acres of wild land, a true gem amidst the urban jungle of Seattle. Over one thousand animals from more than two hundred species call Woodland Park Zoo their home. Millions of visitors come from all over the world to visit the zoo annually. Kids tend to love the Bug World exhibit while the older crowd seems to thoroughly enjoy the elephant forest. This indoor zoo exhibits multiple viewing areas that will keep you busy for hours in Seattle no matter rain or shine.

Northwest Trek Wildlife Park

#2 Northwest Trek Wildlife Park

The Northwest Trek Wildlife Park's seven hundred and fifteen acres of land was donated in the 1970s. Since then the park has acquired over two hundred species of indigenous wildlife including bald eagles, snowy owls, lynxes, river otters, cougars, bobcats, black bears, grizzlies, and gray wolves. During prime time most of these creatures can be spotted by a simple fifty minute tram ride that covers the entirety of the park grounds. The park also hosts the Cheney Discovery Center that provides several educational classes and exhibits for the kiddos.

#3 Washington State Ferries

Seattle is home to the United State's largest ferry fleet with a total operation of twenty two boats. Once you deck your car upon the ferry get out and enjoy a stroll around the ship where you will find educational signage along with tasty cafes and beautiful mountainous/icelandic views. The many boats travel to and from Bainbridge, Vashon, and Puget Sound - make sure to doublecheck the fairy's schedule as fairy destinations and fares vary seasonally by route.

Seattle Aquarium

#4 Seattle Aquarium

Otters are a crowd favorite at the Seattle Aquarium. The furry and friendly creatures are so cute that it is hard to tear yourself away from their exhibit, especially at feeding time. These tiny yet mighty creatures are worth the price of admission alone, however the Seattle Aquarium offers much much more. One must check out the underwater dome that submerges visitors deep beneath the Puget Sound's waves. The Pacific Northwest marine life that can be viewed through the underwater dome is breathtaking and even includes giant octopi.

Seattles the Museum of History and Industry

#5 Museum of History and Industry

Located in the South Lake area of Seattle is MOHAI otherwise known as the Museum of History and Industry. The museum itself is solely devoted to preserving and educating the public on the diverse history of Washington State and the Puget Sound Region. The highlight of the museum, is the 'Essential Seattle' exhibit, a historical and photographic monument.

#6 Pike Place Market

Pike Place Market is a sight to see! Your senses with be on overdrive with the many smells and sounds that will surround you at all angles. The highlights of the Market are their fresh fish stands and local produce aisles with beautiful artisan displays. Not to mention, the restaurants, specialty shops, and breweries are legendary. If you are feeling overwhelmed by the idea of taking on the Pike Place Market place alone, then check out the Market Foundation informational tours that are offered every Wednesday through Sunday. The tours begin at the Market Heritage Center on 1531 Western Avenue.

Seattle Golden Gardens

#7 Golden Gardens

Located on the Puget Sound is one of Seattle's hidden gems, the Golden Gardens Beach. This public park is quite popular among the locals and offers some of Seattle's most extraordinary views of the Olympic Mountains. Along the Golden Gardens Beach you will find hiking trails, wetlands, picnic areas, and playgrounds. Lay by the coastline, hike throughout the forest trails, fish from one of the piers, or take lunch out on a boat - the summer months are the best time of year to visit the Golden Gardens Beach. Plus, the beach is dog friendly.

#8 Mount Rainier National Park

Mount Rainier National Park is home to the most heavily glaciated slumbering volcano mountain within the United States. The 14,417 foot tall peak is also the tallest within the continental U.S. The hundreds of hiking trails available at the Mount Rainier National Park travel throughout placid lakes, dense forests, and even frothing waterfalls. The entire park is truly a scenic Wonderland. Novice and veteran hikers alike are welcome to enjoy spectacular day hiking trips or even week long excursions. The Cross country skiing on Mount Rainier is impeccable during the winter. The historic inn at Paradise is available year round for lodging.

#9 Safeco Field

Established in July of 1999, Safeco Field has been home to the Seattle Mariners of the MLB for many years. Thousands of fans praise the major league players of the Safeco Field and frequent its popular downtown venue annually. The food and beer are enough to keep the fans coming alone. Recently, Safeco has aligned itself with Chef Ethan Stowell, a prestigious culinary talent. Together they plan to introduce a new variety of delicious ballpark items all based around fresh and local ingredients. (see also Cultural Activities Available in Seattle)

Seattle - 5th Avenue Theatre

#10 5th Avenue Theatre

The 5th Avenue Theatre was established in 1926 and is regarded as one of the nation's top musical theatre companies. The Seattle company has produced seventeen new musicals since 2002 and nine of them to date have been invited to premiere on Broadway. The company itself has earned fifteen Tony Awards. Not to mention, the shows Hairspray and Memphis have both won Best Musical. As if the company wasn't legendary enough, the venue itself is magical with its Chinese inspired design. You will not want to miss out on a visit to the 5th Avenue Theatre next time you are in Seattle.