Best Restaurants in Seattle

Seattle’s Top 13 Hottest Restaurants

Opus Co. Dish

#1 Opus Co.

Opus is a simple yet elegant restaurant from its open design down to its menus thoughtful and small selection. Chef Mark Schroeder has centered the menu around Seattle’s local bounty and the majority of it is prepared upon a massive would fire grill. Opus Co. has been called Phinney’s first destination restaurant. Opus Co. is sought out by many Seattle visitors and it hits capacity quickly once the doors are open for the night. Did we mention the chef’s delicious menu is considerably low priced? Opus Co. is located on 7410 Greenwood Ave. North. (206) 420-8360

Junebaby Restaurant

#2 Junebaby

Junebaby is the second restaurant curated by Native Floridian Chef Eduardo Jordan. This highly anticipated restaurant features several cultural dishes from Jordan’s ancestors and family. The menu includes dishes such as chicken gumbo, charred okra, and fried catfish with sides of spinach, apples, and purple grits. Diners line up around the block to fill their bellies with food and their minds with several of the restaurant's online encyclopedia of terms, dishes, and places that each play a special role within this unique kitchen’s cuisine. Junebaby is located on 2122 NE 65th Street. (206) 257-4470

Rachel’s Ginger Beer

#3 Rachel’s Ginger Beer

Rachel Marshall’s University Village Ginger Beer outposts offers everything that drives crowds wild such as a huge range of flavors, cocktails & beers on tap, soft-serve floats, growlers to go, and boozy frozen slushes. This location also serves delicious Nashville inspired hot chicken options from the Master chef Ma’ono. Rachel’s Ginger Beer is located on 4626 26th Ave NE.

Lady Yum

#4 Lady Yum

Lady Yum was founded in Seattle and has recently expanded into the Sea-Tac Airport as a kiosk during the Spring of 2017. The original sweets store is best known for its tasty Champagne and macarons that are baked fresh daily. The macaron flavors include honey lavender, raspberry caramel, salted caramel, and several rotating seasonal flavors. Lady Yum also prides itself on sourcing as many ingredients as it can from local sources. Happy hour runs from 4 - 10pm daily. Lady Yum is located on 2130 6th Ave.

Tentenyu Restaurant

#5 Tentenyu

Tentenyu began in 1971 as a small food stall and has presently become the longest operating ramen restaurant in Seattle’s Ichijoji area. The Tentenyu menu includes chicken karaage, shoyu/chicken broth ramen, vegetarian ramen and much much more. Foodies love the restaurant's ambiance as well with its tall windows, brick walls, and dark wooden tables. Tentenyu is located on 1510 Belmont Ave. (206) 257-4289

Chop't Plum Restaurant

#6 Chop’t

Chop’t is the latest addition to the Plum restaurant family. Not to mention, the Chop’t chef/Owner Makini Howell creates Stevie Wonder approved vegan salads that were developed when she was his personal chef. For just 9$ one can create salad combinations that can include ingredients such as ginger sesame edamame, coriander rubbed tofu, tangerine, red pepper, toasted turmeric pepitas, and napa cabbage. Chop’t is located on 1419 12th Ave. (206) 329-1654

Lan Hue Sandwiches

#7 Lan Hue

Huy Tat opened America’s very first Saigon-based Lan Hue banh mi family owned outpost. The shop makes everything from scratch and keeps prices low. When visiting make sure to try the Vietnamese coffee or sugarcane juice. The Lan Hue’s pastry case is to die for with its pate chaud and banh bao goodies filled with delicious sweets or meats. Lan Hue is located on 900 S Jackson St in Suite 211. (206) 623-3866

Iconiq Restaurant

#8 Iconiq

Iconiq is a French and Japanese blended restaurant who earned itself a three star review in The Seattle Times. Toshiyuki Kawai is the tasty restaurants chef and owner. Kawai is known to channel his menu from experiences at Harvest Beat, Book Bindery, as well as from his Japanese heritage. The seasonal menu will include morel risotto with yuzu foam, Japanese clam chowder, and matcha parfait. Iconiq is located on 1421 31st Ave S. (206) 568-7715

B's Po Boy Seattle

#9 B’s Po Boy

B’s Po Boy is one of the few spots in Seattle where foodies can enjoy an authentic New Orleans-style meal. B’s is best known for its sandwiches loaded with meat, mayo, lettuce, and tomato all served on a delicious Leidenheimer loaf baked in New Orleans itself. B’s Po Boy is located on 2738 Alki Ave SW along the Alki Beach shores. (206) 588-2242

Sweet Bumpas Ice Cream

#10 Sweet Bumpas

Seattle summers are relentless and Sweet Bumpas is an ice cream heaven from the heat. Matt Bumpas is the ice cream carts owner and creator of flavors like cinnamon basil, blackberry vanilla, pandan lime, and corn cookie. He frequents most farmers markets, so you can always count on a taste of Sweet Bumpas being close by. Sweet Bumpas is located on 6564 5th Ave S. (206)719-0625

Beer Star

#11 Beer Star

Beer Star is located in White Center and the halls owners hope its family type atmosphere will help to liven up the neighborhood. Beer lovers eagerly soak up the sun on the eighty seat patio and enjoy a bite from one of two in house food options. So, grab a beer and enjoy a burger from Lil’ Woody’s or some noodles from Chinese Takeout. Beer Star is located on 9801 16th Ave SW. (206) 453-3088

Poke Wai Dish

#12 Poke Wai

Poke Wai was winner of the 2015 Seattle Poke Contest put on by Godfather of Poke Sam Chody and has had a loyal following ever since. Owner Jeriel Calamayan prides himself on the restaurant's unique menu which includes spam musubi, soba noodles, and specialties like ‘pokenari’ a deep fried tofu pocket stuffed with marinated raw fish and sinigang puffed rice. Make sure to try their seasonal special togarashi Hawaiian chips. Poke Wai is located on 458 Southcenter Mall. (206) 257-0419.

The Lakehouse Restaurant

#13 The Lakehouse

Foodies from all across the U.S. come to Seattle to try dishes from the James Beard Award Winning Chef, Jason Wilson. His swanky new restaurant and cocktail bar in Bellevue, Washington serves elegant dishes including wild mushrooms and grilled octopus. The Lake house restaurant is anything but what you would picture with its white and black coloring and glossy angles. The custom built restaurant is located on 10455 NE 5th Pl. (425) 454-7076