Seattle's Most Interesting Activities ...

28 of Seattle's Most Interesting Activities

Smith Tower

#1 Watch a Breathtaking Sunrise at the Smith Tower All Seattle natives are aware of the amazing Smith Tower, to be honest it is their best kept secret. The Smith Tower offers multiple views of downtown Seattle that you will not want to miss.

#2 Visit the Unicorn Bar

Unicorn bar is a Capitol Hill hidden gem! At this carnival-themed dive bar one can drink to their heart's desire, dance the night away in a unicorn helmet, and snack on deep-fried Snickers bars.

#3 Enjoy of Cup of Coffee at Cafe Allegro

It is no secret that Seattle natives love a good cup of coffee as there is practically a coffee shop on every corner. However, Caffe Allegro is in a league of its own as it is Seattle's very first coffee shop. Make sure to stop by and try a tasty Americano.

Portage Bay Cafe

#4 Brunch it Up at Portage Bay Cafe

Only the best is allowed at Portage Bay Café. They solely utilize ingredients that are all organic and American fare.

#5 Nature Out at The Seattle Arboretum

Take your time to smell the roses and truly become one with nature at Seattle's Arboretum.

#6 Take a Free Sail at The Center For Wooden Boats

For the last twenty five years, volunteer crews and skippers have taken Seattleites out every sunday on the water gratis. Schooners, spirit boats, and even Yachts are available.

#7 Eat Frites and Drink Brews at Brouwer's Cafe

Head down to Brouwer's for a frosty brew and fresh frites! Not to mention, they make some of the most delicious mussels in town. You honestly can not go wrong with your beer choice at Brouwer's as they have an assortment of beers from micro brews to Belgian delights.

#8 Party Till Dawn at the Rock Box

Karaoke until you lose your voice at the Rock Box. They encourage it.

the Local 360

#9 Eat Fresh at Local 360

Each and every item on the Local 360 menu is sourced from within 360 miles around its location. Plus, they serve one of the best burgers in all of Belltown.

#10 Go on an Outdoor Adventure at Discovery Park

Take a stroll down the Seattle Coast, have a picnic in the park's grass, or pitch a bonfire on a chilly Summer night - Discovery Park has it all.

Water Canoe

#11 Spend a Day on the Water Canoeing at The WAC

One would never guess that the University of Washington has a backyard chock full of scenic delights including canoeing. The WAC welcomes one and all to come down and canoeing their tail off.

The Uwajimaya supermarket

#12 Experience an Asia Infusion at Uwajimaya

At Uwajimaya you can find boba tea, mochi candies, and even frozen chicken feet. The Uwajimaya supermarket has so much more than one can even imagine, so check it out! It is located in the International District which is a trip worth taking all on its own. (see also Seattle's Top 10 Malls & Shopping Centers)

#13 Visit the Ever Classy Needle & Thread

The Needle & Thread establishment is tucked away above the Tavern Law. The coolest part about this bar is that it has no official drink menu and gives you major speakeasy vibes. All you need to do is head to the bartender of the hour and let him or her know your liquor of choice. Then sit back, relax, and enjoy the magic.

Dick's Drive In

#14 Check out Dick's Drive-In

Dick's Drive In is unlike any other fast food location as they serve a large array of locally sourced, vegan, organic, and gluten free foods.

#15 Get European at Shultzy's German Bar

Located in the center of Seattle's University District is the ever popular German bar known as Shultzy's. Be prepared to deal with a plethora of college kids! However, Shultzy's is worth the wait as you will intake some of the best German brews available.

#16 Get a true Vietnamese Experience at Green Leaf

Get away from the Seattle chill with a steaming hot bowl of pho from Greenleaf.

#17 Take a Water Taxi to West Seattle

Tourists and locals alike enjoy a ride upon the Water Taxi. You will view some of the most beautiful sights along Seattle's skyline.

#18 Indulge Your Sweet Tooth at Molly Moon's

The salted caramels are their best seller.

#19 Visit the Knee High Stocking Club

The Knee High Stocking Club is best known for their highly inventive craft cocktails and heavily stocked bar. The 20's vibe at the club will have you traveling back in time.

#20 See Greenlake

Greenlake is great for a walk along the serene shoreline where you can view ducks and dogs all day long.

#21 Make Sure to Eat a Late Night Hot Dog

New York may be best known for its late night pizza but Seattle is most famous for its late night hot dog! Your night truly isn't complete without a stop by your local hot dog cart. For a real Seattle native experience be sure to ask for cream cheese.

#22 Host a Date on Capitol Hill

Sun Liquor located on top of Capitol Hill is a great place to take a date for a yummy adult beverage!

#23 Take a Ghost Guided Tour in Pioneer Square

Take a Ghost Guided Tour in Pioneer Square to learn about all of Seattle's spook history.

#24 Take a Vashon Island Escape

Take a day trip to Vashon Island where one can find quiet time, paddle boarding, yoga, and even yoga while paddleboarding.

#25 Ride The SLUT

The SLUT aka the South Lake Union Trolley is a great place to hitch a ride for some scenic views. Feel free to bring an adult beverage or two.

Myrtle Edwards Park

#26 Visit Myrtle Edwards Park

Myrtle Edwards Park is a great place to host a picnic or even take a dip in the pool! Hempfest is held in Myrtle Edwards Park annually.

#27 Cheer for the Seahawks

Visit the Seahawk Stadium for a great competitive game!

#28 Don't Forget the Photo Ops

Capitol Hill and Smith Tower are perfect places to capture a phenomenal photo opportunity. Adult admission to the Smith Tower observation deck is $7.50 and the view is definitely worth the price.