Seattle is a seaport on the West coast of the USA ...

The city of Seattle is a seaport on the West coast of the USA.

In July 2015 Seattle was rated as the most rapidly growing city in America, with 3,1% of annual growth.

The Seattle area had been inhabited by the Native Americans for at least 4000 years before the Europeans established their first permanent settlements. Later this was reflected in the seal of the city. The city’s rich history, modern bustling business life and picturesque landscapes draw a number of tourists to Seattle. And even though the city welcomes the visitors all year round not every season is ideal for visiting it (see more at the page Best Times to Visit Seattle).


Seattle boasts its own music history (see more at the page Cultural Activities Available in Seattle). From 1918 till 1951 about twenty jazz night clubs operated along Jackson St., the area stretching from the present day China town and as far as the downtown. The jazz scene featured the early carriers of Ray Charles, Quincy Jones, Ernenstine Anderson and others. Jimi Hendrix was born in Seattle and the city is a birthplace of such bands as Nirvana , Pearl Jam , Soundgarden , Alice In Chains , Foo Fighters and the alternative grundge movement. Even at that time the city was a pioneer in different fields and today a number of innovative enterprises emerge and flourish in its streets (see more at the page The Innovative Small Businesses in Seattle).

Logging was the first major commercial activity in the city. After World War II the city economy relied mostly on the local company Boeing that made Seattle the center of aircraft manufacturing. Since the 80’ Seattle has been developing as a technological center (see more at the page Top Employers in Seattle), with Microsoft Company and Amazon, on online store, that was founded in Seattle in 1994. The inflow of new programming products, biotechnologies and online companies spawned the economic revival that caused the population of the city to add nearly 50 000 from 1990 to 2000.

Since the mid 90’s Seattle experienced a significant growth in the cruise industry, as it was an important port of departure for Alaska cruises. In 2008 the city had 886 039 cruise passengers, a record high number that even exceeded the number of cruise passengers in Vancouver, British Columbia, the other primary port of departure for Alaska cruises.

Due to the mild temperate coastal climate city residents can enjoy a wide range of outdoor recreational activities all year round. These include walking, biking, hiking, skiing, snowboarding, kayaking, rock climbing, boating, sailing, playing team games and swimming (see more at the page Seattle's Top 10 Attractions & Activities).

Lake Union

Seattle features great many places perfect for walking: Discovery Park – the largest park in the city, Myrtle Edwards Park located along the waterfront, Lake Washington in Seward Park, Alki Beach in West Seattle (see more at the page 28 of Seattle's Most Interesting Activities). Parks and water bodies where the beaches and the waterfront are located are also great places for walking with kids (see more at the page 10 Things To Do In Seattle With Kids).

The restaurants in Seattle are sure to please the refined taste of every gourmand and satisfy every wallet. Here you can find the cuisine from any part of the world, have a luxury dinner or have a quick but tasty meal on the go. The best restaurants of Seattle are expensive but the tasty food served there will be remembered for years (see more at the page Seattle's Top 13 Hottest Restaurants). Affordable restaurants in Seattle are equally popular, and not only because of moderate prices. At The Lakehouse, Nue, Mashiko, Sweet Bumpas, Iconiq and Lan Hue boasting excellent reviews you can enjoy a good dinner for about $20-40.

Among the best cafes in Seattle are Bakery Nouveau, Espresso Vivace Roasteria, Nue, LePanier, to name just a few. The prices in Seattle prices are comparatively low, with an average bill of around $20. There are so many stores in the city that there is even a special service that helps consumers search the local store they need (see more at the page Local Shops That Ship). When it comes to the best shopping centers in Seattle we will speak about them in detail (see more at the page Seattle's Top 10 Malls & Shopping Centers).